Naftali Bezem exhibition at the Tel Aviv Museum

​In late July, Biderman Private Art Collection sponsored an event honoring Artist Naftali Bazam. It was a private event, including an exhibition of the artists’ works, a documentary about his life and creation, as well as a discussion between art historian Dr. Gideon Ofrat, film director Yehuda Yaniv and the audience.
A retrospective exhibition of Naftali Bezem’s work was displayed at the Tel Aviv Art Museum in 2012. The exhibition was sponsored and funded by the gallery, thanks mainly to Shlomo Beno’s knowledge and skill and thanks to the research, knowledge and constant smile bestowed by impressive curator Ruti Ofek. Each piece, whether intended for the exhibition or the book, were meticulously evaluated and many pictures were taken, the best of which were highly praised in the book (the book produced shortly before the exhibition, available at the gallery and at the Tel Aviv Museum shop

Naftali Bezem is exclusively represented by us.  Feel free to visit our collection, consisting of a large and impressive array of his work.