Interview with Artist Avi Belaish

To me, art is: The love of my life. As part of my creative agenda, it is important to maintain maximum precision, to create proper textures and work with light and shadow. That is why, even before I begin to paint, I apply a jissu weave to my canvas, leave it to dry and sand it with fine sandpaper. I repeat this process several times until I get a soft and silky texture. That is when I begin working with a pencil and thin brush.

What influences my art: My childhood, when I discovered the world of drawing with my beloved mother's support and encouragement.

The piece I am currently working on: A self-portrait in the studio.

My favorite artist: Samuel Bak.

I first started painting: At a very young age. I remember my first exhibition in Hod HaSharon.  I was 15 years old.

My favorite masterpiece: Giant seashells, with stone and sea.

How was your series of "Fish in the Sea" born: After gazing at an aquarium of discus fish. 
I gave the small fish wooden features. The wooden texture was taken from my childhood, when I painted on wood.

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