Born in 1945 in the Soviet Union. As a young artist, he was accepted to the academy of art in Moscow and from 1965 to 1970 he studied in the academy of arts in the USA. Lieder immigrated to Israel in 1978 and as of 1980 started studding at the art academy in Ramat Ha'sharon under Rafi Lavie.
A great part of his works tends towards the lyrical abstract, which reflected in his use of various techniques as: acrylic, oil, mixed technique, water colors and pencils.
he's a member in the painters and sculptures union.
When Vasily Kandinsky, the founding father of the abstract art, was asked about the source of his inspiration for his abstract compositions, he explained that while listening to classical music he experiences flashes and spots of colors before his eyes.
The sounds were not transparent entities that exist only on the plane of hearing, but also had body, color and presence, and the next step was to paint the things he has seen.
If Kandinsky was the composer of classic symphonies, then Moshe Lieder with his bold and dramatic colors composes more wild music, as his color spots clash into each other like waves in the sea that the colors are spreading everywhere in a joy of life, when the final result is harmonic and balanced.
Kandinsky is not the only influence on Lieder, as we can see the inspiration of the action painting artists of New York lead by Jackson Pollock. For example, the paint drips that appear in many of the paintings, are like a friendly wave from an adoring student to his teacher.
In terms of form, the decisive brushstrokes, especially in large paintings, are influenced from the paintings of Antoni Tapies, the Spanish painter.
In spite of the many references to great artists that came before, Lieder also has his own unique elements and one can see that Lieder is a high quality artist that his exhibitions worldwide and work won him professional and commercial recognition.
Moshe Lieder is not just a passing phenomenon, but is one of the most important abstract artists of our times.
He took part in Solo Art Expo and group exhibitions in Israel, Canada, France, Japan, Austria and USA and had great success.
His artworks can be found in many collections in Israel and worldwide.

Artworks by the artist

Figures in Landscape / Moshe Leider
Creation Year: -
Main Technique:Lithography
Technique:Lithograph signed and numbered AP