To me, art is: I think art cannot be defined, thus I consider art to be unstable. Masterpieces that used to be expensive are now kept in storage. No one wants them and vice versa - paintings that were once worthless are now sold at high prices.

Artists don't usually paint for art's sake, but rather because they love painting.

What influences my art: I believe there are three main sources.

  1. The surroundings I live in
  2. My knowledge of art history
  3. Especially my personal taste

The piece I am currently working on: I am working on several pieces at the same time.

My favorite artist: I like many painters, some new and most of them are long gone. I find the uniqueness in each and every one of them.

I first started painting: As a child, ever since I remember myself.

My favorite masterpiece: The world is full of excellent creations and I cannot place my finger to one of them and say that I like it more than the rest.

What inspires me in the creative process: Every painter enjoys the painting process and that is the eventual motivation.

My relationship with Efraim and Biderman Private Art Collection: Our relationship began when Efraim decided to visit me at the studio and see my paintings.

Several of my paintings are now hanging in his gallery and I hope that our relationship will continue and grow over time. Because an artist always needs the solid backing of a serious gallery.

What do people close to me think of my work: The people close to me and the Kibbutz society that I live in respect my art. People do not always understand what it means for the artist to promote and market his art, nor the many obstacles along the way. I often encounter surprise among people close to me who do not understand how my works are featured in prestigious galleries and museums in Europe, Asia and the USA, while I live and work in Kibbutz Yagur at the foot of Mt. Carmel (as far as possible from Chelsea, New York's gallery district).

If I could meet any artist in the world for dinner, I would be happy to meet: I would very much like to meet my mentor and art teacher at the Beaux Arts Academy in Paris where I studied art. Chapelain-Midy Roger was my painting teacher at the academy. He died in Paris, France in 1992.

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