To me, art is: Life.
What influences my art: There are many factors influencing my art. It is difficult to put a finger on them. Anything can be part of my work and somehow influence it. After all, art is linked to life, therefore it has a direct impact. Life in Israel and all of the complexity related to it. The existence of a place, as it is, the human tapestry of a place, its architecture and the manner in which it merges and exists. They are all a raw material for something.
The piece I am currently working on: I am completing the Biennale project, which has been running for 6 months and I have been involved in it over the last year. It is a very big installation. In addition, I recently went back to working on a new series.

My favorite artist:


 I first started painting:

When I was about three and I haven't stopped since...

 What inspires me in the creative process: Inspiration is a very broad term. There are certain moments within the piece and the work process. An emotional state of release that is born of the work itself.

 My relationship with Efraim and Biderman Private Art Collection: Efraim is a good man - warm, polite and a good friend. We have known each other for many years.

 What do people close to me think of my work:

I don't know. It's an individual matter. You should ask them.

 If I could meet any artist in the world for dinner, I would be happy to meet: The late Mark Rothko.

 About my piece "Bird 2013":

Many of my works depict birds. In this case, the bird is a kind of woodpecker. The images appearing in this series are of birds of Israel and its close surroundings, with a very simple and naive view of its own inventory and of nature. Birds are the key to this image, here and in others. My creations are static; their position contrasts with nature and they look outward to something outside of the painting. A silent echo. A kind of persona that populates the painting.

 Tsibi Geva was born in Kibbutz Ein Shemer in 1951 and he lives and works in Tel Aviv. Since 1979, he has displayed in many sole exhibitions in museums and galleries in Israel and around the world, including the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, the Ashdod Museum of Art, the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston, the American University Museum in Washington DC, the Macro Testaccio in Rome and more. In addition, his works were included in many group exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Geva lectures and serves as a professor at the Haifa University and Beit Berl School of Art. Geva won many prizes and scholarships, including the Israel Museum Sandberg Prize, the Tel Aviv Museum Pundak award and a lifetime achievement award from the Ministry of

Culture and Sport. Geva was Israel's representative at the 56th Venice Biennale in 2015. 

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