To me, art is: Turmoil. That, to me, is the most important element to an artist. Once a person is addicted to applause, he actually begins counting down. I believe that adulation is the kiss of death. My motto is never to be self-satisfied. An artist is a person who suffers. Suffering wheedles out the weak and only the strong remain. If art does not burn within you - don't be an artist.

What influences my art: During the 20th century, I painted human figures, focusing on meanness and self-hatred, where the body is a human center. Over the last two decades, I have been painting landscapes. Focusing on the love of Israel and its diverse vistas. Thus, the soil, the land, the trees... are like a palette of colors, they are the source of my inspiration.

Artists who paint views usually paint in landscape position. I, on the other hand, paint and create portrait landscapes, where the outcome and composition are distorted. I find it fascinating. I have recently begun to paint a picture within a picture, presenting an enlargement of a specific and intriguing part of the image.

My favorite artist: Francis Bacon, mainly for his cold cynicism, the Pope Screaming at a Chair... and more.

What inspires me in the creative process: When I traveled to Paris in my youth, I was a starving artist. Some of my paintings then reflected a severe sense of loneliness as I roamed around the frozen city at night, poor and hungry. I then arrived in Brussels and was adopted by a group of anarchists,  including Marcel Broodthaers who was involved in conceptual art (I did not yet understand what it meant at the time). Marcel wrote a poem in the shower as the water flowed over his words and erased them.  Yet he continued to write. I remember my amazement.  That was when I realized that I could do things that did not make sense... I participated in a performing art project on the value of money. We took a bank cash box and one of us stood by it and shouted out the name of the currency in his language. The conclusion was that money does not connect people when they all speak a different language.

 I later saw a group of artists in Austria, which wallowed in animal guts. I encountered difficult graphic scenes and they all created my world of inspiration.

What do people close to me think of my work: At the time, people tried to label me according to a certain school or group, but I am a loner. I paint my inner truth and that is what matters to me.

My relationship with Efraim Biderman and the gallery: I respect the drive and focus on art. Efraim is fed by his love of art and by action. That is his adrenaline - art as a way of life.

If I could meet any artist in the world for dinner, I would be happy to meet: Marcel Broodthaers, who painted with Magritte and was a source of inspiration to me.

About my creative years: I come from the cruel and perverse world of heavy and Christian Europe. Art like mine was unknown in Israel in the age of "New Horizons". I am an avid Zionist and very closely bound to Judaism.  Nevertheless, I am very different and close to German expressionism. I live in the name of art and I believe in daring. Not defining boundaries and breaking through with your own truth.

Oded Feingersh is considered among the leading contemporary artists currently living in Israel. He was born in Jerusalem in 1938, completed his education at the Bezalel School of Art in 1963, and attended workshops in Paris, Brussels and Madrid.
 Feingersh is a graduate of the Avshalom Institute for Land of Israel Studies, he wrote 15 books on land studies, history, poetry and romance novels. He won many awards, including the Dizengoff Award in 1976. Member of the Israel Association of Painters and Sculptors. Feingersh displayed his works in over 120 sole and group exhibitions at important galleries and museums in Israel and around the world.

 His pieces can be found in collections held by important museums, such as: The Israel, Tel Aviv and Haifa Museums, Jewish Museum of Belgium in Brussels, New Art Museum in Lvov, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, collections held by most banks in Israel, hotels and in many private collections in Israel and worldwide.

He is currently showing an intriguing exhibition called "Grandfather and Grandson", presenting alongside pieces by Meir Rosen and his grandson, Oded Feingersh, at the Municipal Gallery at Beit Yad LeVanim in Ra'anana.

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