To me, art is: It is life itself!
What influences my art: Fortunately, I paint at least 10 hours every day. I am enraptured in the creation itself, thus my art is influenced daily as a way of life.
I strive to reach a point at which thought is detached and I become one with the canvas. I consider painting to be a sensual experience. I refuse to sign my name to a piece until I am completely satisfied... I never painted under pressure or under certain instructions. My success comes from people who feel the same satisfaction that I felt upon completing the painting.
The piece I am currently working on: A series of small 30x40 still life paintings of fruit.
My favorite artist: Rembrandt - I am greatly inspired by him.

I first started painting: My mother says that I began painting ever since she remembers. Perhaps I was just a few months old...
My favorite masterpiece: I love them all. I do not sign my name to a work that I do not fully relate to. I am proud of my creations and art is my life.
What inspires me in the creative process: My objective is to turn the viewer into a partner to my creation.
My relationship with Efraim and Biderman Private Art Collection: We met many years ago and I respect him for his vast knowledge of art. It is important to emphasize that, without people like Efraim, I and many other artists would be unable to subsist, create and progress and I respect him for that.
What do people close to me think of my work: I believe that they appreciate me and my creation. In addition, I am pleased that my youngest daughter, Alina Gorban, completed her graduate degree at the New York School of Visual Arts.
If I could meet any artist in the world for dinner, I would be happy to meet: Francis Bacon - an artist who worked until 5 years ago. When I first saw his work, I was awestruck and he greatly influenced my work.
My piece "Tribute to Pharaohs": Is a piece within a larger series entitled "Archeology". When I arrived in Israel, I visited archeological digs and it left a great impression on me. Pieces of this series are displayed in Efraim's gallery.
Michael Gorban was born in the Former USSR in 1956.
He completed his studies at the Moldova School of Art in 1972 and graduated from the Academy for Painting in Lvov in 1982.
In 1988-1990, he was awarded unique grants from the USSR Artists' Association.
Gorban completed his studies at the age of 30, working closely with Russia's leading artists and using multiple painting techniques. He was then bestowed the honor of displaying his work at an international exhibition held at the Hermitage Museum in Leningrad alongside artists like Salvador Dali, Kandinsky, Chagall and others. Another Gorban painting was displayed for over a year at the Hermitage, among the largest and most prestigious museums of the world.
Gorban is prominently presented in the National Album of Russian Art History as one of the young and influential artists of the 20th century between 1960 and 1980, along with three of his paintings.
Gorban immigrated to Israel in 1990. He decided to leave everything behind - the exhibitions, the recognition, the spacious studio in Moscow, the summer home by the Black Sea - and to make the move to Israel.
His still life paintings seem so alive, not just because of his excellent realistic technique. but thanks to his spirit, which perceives the source of life in any object and theme, as if the soul of the still object is revealed to the painter.
Michael Gorban paintings are currently displayed in galleries and museums throughout the USSR, as well as in private collections in the U.S., Canada, England, Japan, Belgium, France, Germany, Australia and Israel.
His name reappeared in the headlines and not just as a leading Russian artist, but as a leading artist in Israel, winning the Fichman Art Award in 2009.
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