What is your painting style: I define my painting style as lyrical realism. A painting that does not imitate reality, but relates to the "impression", the thought that it evokes.

What influences my art: I paint objects and people through observation, but what eventually appears on the canvas is what remains in my mind as my gaze goes from the object to the canvas.

The piece I am currently working on: I am now working on several pieces dealing with allegory.

My painting language links an impressionistic past with the 21st century.  It demonstrates a link between intellect, sensitivity and an understanding that art gives through a language that touches - lyrical realism.

How do you perceive your creative work: I consider my work to lack definite outlines and my themes merge through light and air. "The object is not restricted by its boundaries; it continues to exist in space through the light that it casts".

My relationship with Efraim and Biderman Private Art Collection: Our relationship began over five years and it was immediately a relationship of mutual trust based on Mr. Biderman's professionalism as my gallerist and as an artist.

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