To me, art is: A way to view the world and try to describe it as I see it.

What influences my art: I am influenced by many different things, artists whose works I was exposed to, books that I have read, people that I have met and more.

The piece I am currently working on: I am currently working on a series using a technique by which I project still photos taken from video footage that I shot at demonstrations protesting the occupation.

My favorite artist: There are many, but I will note Hans Haacke, Moshe Gershuni and Kuperman.

I first started painting: When I was a boy and I developed my art over the years.

My favorite masterpiece: Will always be my most recent one.

What inspires me in the creative process: I can't say, if I knew, my work would be easier. I believe in working within the work of art.

My relationship with Efraim and Biderman Private Art Collection: I have known Efraim for many years.  I have a great respect for him and for what he does and enjoy working with him.

What do people close to me think of my work: My family strongly supports my work.

If I could meet any artist in the world for dinner, I would be happy to meet: Corva and Pissarro - mainly as an intriguing individual.

My creation, of which I am proudest: I can say that I am proud of my video documentation. I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to deal with art and photography.

David Reeb, painter and photographer. Born in Rehovot in 1952.

Studied at the Bezalel School of Art in 1975-1978 and taught at the Yavne Art Workshop, at the Kalisher Art School, at Haifa University and the Bezalel School of Art.

He lived in New York in 1980-1982.

Won prestigious and important awards. His pieces are shown in known Israeli and international museums as well as private collections worldwide.

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