Biderman – Israeli Art Gallery was born and developed out of a love of art spanning over three decades.
It grew out of the individual’s passion to buy and create art collections, thus positioning itself as a comprehensive gallery unlike any other seen in the Israeli gallery scene.
The gallery provides a rich offering, ranging from the various artists it introduces to the broad character of works displays.
We offer you a wide variety of creations composed by many known artists, which we collected over the years.
When visiting the gallery, you will learn about the story underlying the creation, about the artist expressing his unique narrative and you will enjoy attentive service aimed at attending to your personal needs.
Purchasing art at Biderman – Israeli Art Gallery grants you an unusual opportunity in which we will provide professional advice, starting with your first telephone call, through your visit to the gallery and until installing the pieces at your home or office.
The purchasing process can be summarized as an exciting and enriching experience in which you will be exposed to a special, magical and thrilling world.
We are happy to serve you at any stage and answer any questions that you may have.

To search, purchase and rent works of art, press here.