Selecting a work of art is closely related to the design concept in a specific space and the color pallet therein.
Individual preferences by home or business owners could greatly impact the choice between abstract, figurative, realistic or hyper realistic styles. The living room serve as the center of the household, thus the piece must precisely fit into the space, considering a set of factors related to furniture style, lighting and complementary home styling accessories. The integration of art suited specifically for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, studies or any other space, requires a deep understanding and strong design skills, since the objective is to harmoniously hang and integrate the piece within the domestic or business space.
Each client has his own unique preferences and desires. The aim is to listen to the client and gain a profound understanding of his needs.
We have been involved in various aspects of the art scene for over three decades, specializing in Israeli art.
We have over 3,000 works of art, including paintings, compositions and sculptures created by Israel’s leading artists.
Our wide variety exposes clients to thousands of pieces by veteran artists, alongside contemporary artists of the Israel art scene.
At Biderman Private Art Collection, we are familiar with trends of the Israeli art market and we specialize in them. We advise our clients on all matters relating to valuation, understanding that an investment in art is a financial investment, just like investing in an asset or business.
We offer our clients comprehensive solutions and various services providing a solution to their needs, including: personal consulting and accompaniment, delivery services, framing, restoration, hanging, trade in and smart management, as well as establishing an art collection for each client.
The gallery staff accompanies clients in meeting their artistic preferences, budgetary requirements and purchase/rental objectives.
We provide our clients with ongoing updates relating to the Israeli art scene at large and events at our gallery. Customer satisfaction is an utmost priority, thus we strive to provide our clients with good and professional service, as well as quality products.

Interior design: Sarit Friedman Shenar
Photography: Nadav Paket