Biderman – Israeli Art Gallery

A gallery of Israeli art, with a selection of ~4,000 works of art including  paintings, sculptures and installations created by Israel’s leading artists. The gallery has been involved in the art scene for over three decades. It is located in Israel and invites you to purchase works of art and enjoy a high quality of wonderful pieces.
Biderman – Israeli Art Gallery clients are offered a diverse array of options for enjoying art, including:
* Selling quality works of art at attractive prices.
* Buying works of art
* Art trade-in transactions
* Art buy-back transactions
* Designing an artistic concept for the home and office
* Packaging and shipment around the world
* “Art to you” services.
* Installing works of art at the client’s home

The Biderman Art Gallery offers a great deal of information about the artists and their works, including a review of the economic aspect of purchasing art as an investment.